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Join the most daring game ever as you will be dead in seconds if you can't kill well.

The addictive Dead in Seconds is out now for Web,may be your friends playing it, Make High score, Beat high score.Its the most amazingly thrilling game for your guys,play it like anything.
You have destroyed their planets so now its there turn to destroy yours so you have to save your planet ,kill them hard,you probably be gonna destroyed in seconds so you have to be quick ,cool ,calm and sharp to survive in game.

->concentrate on your enemies and bullets,try to fire bullet continuously in order to survive
->left button is a jump button and right button is fire button,you have unlimited bullets so use them to survive

★Completely new and a different Game for android users
★HD Graphics
★Fast Response
★Amazing Sound effects
★Unlock players and stages by taking coins
★Float through Planets to planets
★Fight against aliens attack with laser bolts
★Retro Style Action Game
★High Level Addiction
★Coin Animation
★Different levels of stage
★Different levels of Player
★Very Easy Controlling

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